Underground Lines & Vessels

Underground Lines and Vessels

Jurva Leak Testing has extensive experience testing and locating leaks in underground lines and vessels. Over the past decade, we have developed and honed a proprietary technique that allows us to pinpoint your leaks underground to within several feet. Further, our ability to locate the source of the leak is independent of what lies above. From 2 feet to more than 12 feet deep, we have successfully located leaks beneath asphalt, concrete, crushed rock, sand, dirt and grass. In fact, we have yet to meet our match.

While hydrostatic testing is an excellent cost-effective means of determining if a leak “may” exist, it does not aide in locating the source of the leak. Due to the inherent properties of helium, once a system (line or tank) is pressurized the helium will easily escape any defect large enough to be detected via a hydro-test and will rapidly migrate up through the ground in an effort to escape into the atmosphere. With the use of our proprietary mobile test equipment, the helium leaking up through the ground is readily detected. By analyzing the amount of helium at the surface of the ground, we are able to locate the area having the highest concentration of gas and thereby pinpoint the underground location. Most tests can be completed in one or two days.

Examples of items we have successfully tested:

  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Underground Petroleum Pipelines
  • Underground Water Lines
  • Underground Sewer Lines