Petroleum Industry

Jurva Leak Testing pioneered the use of helium leak detectors for use in testing petroleum storage tanks more than 20 years ago. Our proprietary process uses specialized tooling that allows us to detect leaks considerably smaller than those found with traditional techniques.

Our technique is up to 5,000 times more sensitive, as compared to vacuum box testing. Therefore, not only can we locate and eliminate the source of current problems, we can prevent future problems by locating and repairing leaks that vacuum box testing would never find.

We consistently find leaks in tanks after other methods failed, specifically vacuum box testing, and even "more sensitive" techniques such as liquid penetrant, magnetic particle testing and magnetic flux exclusion. On average we find leaks in two-thirds of the new floors we test—even after vacuum box testing. By detecting and repairing leaks early, you can avoid the high costs of dealing with these problems in the future.

Advantages of helium leak testing (as compared with traditional methods):

  • More Comprehensive: Our testing process will locate leaks anywhere in the tank floor, which is imperative when testing older tank floors where leaks are often located in areas other than weld seams.
  • Faster: Our process is considerably faster than vacuum box testing, which enables customers to place their tanks back in service more readily. Tanks under 200 feet in diameter can typically be tested in one day, with tanks up to 300 feet being completed in just two days.
  • Applicable to Underground Tanks: Whether your tanks are partially or fully underground our process works exceptionally well.

New & Existing Tank Floors
While our process is used extensively on both new and existing tank floors, we believe the best time to test tank floors is when they are new. Conditions at this time are optimal (both the topside, and more importantly the underside of the floor are clean and dry) providing the highest level of sensitivity and consequently the greatest opportunity of detecting leaks.

Because we consistently find leaks in new floors (that were either missed or too small for vacuum box to find) many of our customers have instituted helium leak testing new floors as a standard procedure.

Pontoons & Pipelines
In addition to tank floors, we also tests floating pontoons and product pipelines. As with tank floors, we can pinpoint the precise location of your leaks allowing for rapid repair and retest.

We Meet Government Specifications & Requirements
Jurva Leak Testing meets government specifications and requirements for testing both above and below ground tanks.